Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pick yourself up

From Swing Time with Fred Aster and Ginger Rogers.

A bit later, of course, he does learn to dance well and they dance together wonderfully.

I read in Sunday Times that the reference of president Obama in acceptation speach come from this moovie made in 1936: I was two at the time and my father tried to imitate, from time to time Fred Aster, and yes, we did pick ourself up and start all over again so many times!

Pick yourself up, take a deep breath, dust yourself off
and start all over again.
nothing's impossible I have found

For when my chin is on the ground, I pick myself up
Dust myself off, and start all over again,

Don't lose your confidence if ou slip
Be grateful for a pleasant trip, just pick yourself up,
and dust yourself off
This part, I did not "hear" but must have been in the orignal liric by Dorothy Fields

And stard all oaver again,
work like a soul insired, til' the battle of the day is won
you may be sick and tired, but you'll be a man my son

of course, this last is from Kipling

Will you remember the famous men who had to fall to rise again
So take a deep breath, pick yourself up,
dust yourself off and stard all over again.

Obama ended it with "and begin again the work of remaking America".

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