Sunday, January 11, 2009

Columbia Rd flower market, Portraits

We met with others from the London Portrait Meetup group, in the middle of the Columbia Road flower market. It was a paradise for making portraits!

So many different people, and most of them thanked me, were enchanted that I wanted to take a portrait of them! Even after so many portraits taken, I still marvel of the facility to take strangers images!

Yes, there were a few, very few, who did not want it, or their husband did not want it, but so many more of all ages were at least as happy as me to have their image taken: to be appreciated!

I did not ask all the time, but most of the time, sometimes the group or the "mood" is broken if one asks.

And of course, I took also photos of flowers, street scenes, and the very interesting mosaic, probably done by children.

It was a busy, interesting hour!

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