Friday, January 2, 2009

Parade in Westminster

It is difficult to choose between so many colorful people's images. Most of them are happy to be photographed, in fact, no ne told me "no" yesterday, event the ones that were there only to assist or the friendly policemen.

But sometimes I took the photo without asking, without waiting for them to stop and pose.

I did ask him, he did pose. I like this one better. But it is mostly because I did not do it right. Of course, when you know that people have only so much patience to stop for you the camera and the shot has to be ready.

I still have long way to go, even if most of my shots I am quite happy with. At the beginning, I was impatient, too much "good food" in face of me, jumping from one to the other, towards the end, I have had to much food, taken too many people's image.

I left, early, not waiting for the end of the parade, with a wealth of photographies, with in my mind and soul also with the great diversity of London and its parade. Tired of all I lived through in only a few minutes or two hours. All the opportunities I had, all the opportunities I lost because I could not take more.

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