Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alone, nothing high around it

Canary Worf has a lot of high buildings but just a bit farther away, this one stands all alone and I imagine, people living there (or those working) see all around far away.

A bit sad to be alone, but also liberating.

I did not mind being single, even if I loved more to be part of a happy couple. Until, it can retain the illusion at least of happiness.

After, it becomes two people linked together, neither happy any more, and longing to be alone but not daring it, yet. That part is worse of the cases and worse then being alone, for me.

I did not feel very alone to speak to toastmasters who did not know me, most of them, before I told my personal tale, linked to the Hidden Jobmarket, it was a wonderful group!

It was a pleasure to be with them.

Today, I posted in the Competent Communicator blog, the last three of the Evaluations, about the "Thinking outside the box", which is a better title then "Now what?" was, but still not the best one I can think about. "Finding all you can do" perhaps would be best?

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