Monday, March 8, 2010

Borough Market - unknown photographer

Profile of an unknown photographer.It was not easy to take, because even if he did take others, he was not so happy when he observed I try to take him.

But he did not look at me or said "no" so I waited to catch the right moment, the profile I needed for my Afterclass group. Here is is.

I could not choose the background, but I got the profile.

Tomorrow, we'll be only two competing at the Meridiam Club, the president of the club, who won last year, and me. I do not understand why, because there are lots of Competent Communicators in that club.

I told my story, but still only in my mind, twice today. Later on, I'll have to tell it with voice and movement, again, at least twice. I found a better beginning, but now, I have to stick with it, and not change it again.

And I like my finding about how I realised I am good in listening with empathy and connecting, I think that will stick to people's mind, weather I win or not, a lot less important.

To learn use the skills from the accomplishments we were proud of, is. To gain self confidence, and go for a work we love and we are good at, is.

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