Friday, March 12, 2010

What a night!

Six speakers, six evaluators in competition, last night, near the Buckingham Palace, at an old Toastmasters club with 50 members, the London Corinthians.

They were all great!

I loved a lot Mike's speech, who told us a story about a 85 year old woman regretting all she did not do, in her life, when it was too late for her. I would have liked even more, if he had made her 95... as 85 seems now too near me. I will remember, and I think I live it: to use our time, to do. To dare.

Corinthian TM Competition And the winner IS... Mike

After the pause, with a speech "Thinking outside the box" there was a mystery speaker, evaluated then but six others, competing about who will do best. What great examples for me!

Evans, in the first photo (with me) was the best of them, but all gave great evaluations. All loved my speech and story (I was the Mystery Speaker yesterday) and all found as they should what I could have done differently, too.
Corinthian TM Competition-Chair woman and AwardCorinthian TM Competition-Chief Judge
Pemma was a great Chair, conducting it all, and in the background, Ewan had the difficult role of Chief Judge. At the end, they gave the awards and certificate to the winner.

I was in clouds, until at home, I listened to what I have said. Aie! It was a lot less great as I believed and they made me believe. Although, it had its moments, and the audience loved it. I really had great contact with them.

What was even more important, at the end, two young men came and asked me about the book "Hidden job market" and its authors, and told me "I am happy I came, so I could listen to what you told."

That was the best of all! They needed my message.

Here is the speech as delivered yesterday in public.
This is the tale, speech, as I told it yesterday at the London Corinthians Toastmaster meeting, with the audience reaction to it. What is missed here are the movements.

As delivered: Outside the box.MP3

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  1. You certainly had good audience connection!