Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I did not win all my battles

This image of me, with my camera, was taken near St. Eustache, and the old place of Halles, in centre of Paris.

It does show a me, two years ago, proud of having lost weight.

But I do not win, did not win, all the battles in my life.Alas.

The battle of weight loss and gain, is an ongoing one, that goes, up and down.

It was still very up, meaning I lost a lot, when I arrived to London, and even six month later, doing even better, with around 76 kg and I did pose home here as in this picture, proud of my relatively thin body and weight.

From then on, I stopped to swim, because I boiled by error my suite and it lost its colour, and from that moment on, I begun to gain back, pounds and more pounds, kilos and more kilos.

Any sad event was enough then to eat a bit, only a bit more, a bit. Of course, I gained more. Some time ago, I even stopped weighting: I knew, but did not want to know details...

I did gain some of my fights, in my life. I did gain a diploma, a pHd, even if very late. I did have a daughter and a son, as I dreamed, and grand-children. I did finish last year my Competent Communicator manual, as I decided at the beginning of the year..

And yesterday, I even competed my 5th story from the Storytelling manual. I'll begin again, one time, because that is a skill I want to improve more and more.

But I did not win all my battles, and soon, I'll have to renew my fight with my weight. I am not yet decided how, as the Weight Watchers help me loose but not maintain it for long time.

So many battles one has in life, some we loose, some we gain, but the important is never to give up, never to give up on ourselves!


  1. So very true. We can learn from the losses. Then those losses can become winners, sometimes in a different way, than we anticipated.

  2. I forgot to say.. CONGRATS on your achievements!!!!!

  3. The important thing (in my view) is to choose our battles very carefully.

    I wish you every success with your battle.

  4. I love your attitude. Never give up and your dreams will come to pass.

  5. Do you know how those eggs were dyed, or painted? They are the most vibrant colored easter eggs I've ever seen and I'd love to make some.