Monday, March 22, 2010

The counting is finished

Yesterday, at Woolwhich's Waterfront Sport Centre, to swim with my grand daughter. It is nearer, as I discovered while returning, that I thought.

All depends, on the route taken.

My grand daughter observed and arranged this in the nice place we had lunch. And I took the photo as she requested, of course.

Today, early, listening to the telly, the news arrived that Obama finally had succeeded to pass his Health bill, even if not with all he hoped for. But not one Republican voted for it! Good cohesion of course, but then why they had to renounce to other important points in it?

Personally, other then happy for Obama's victory in it, if it could be called like that, is the fact that the insurance can no more be refused to those who have already certain illnesses. That is why I never subscribed to any personal insurance, not wanting to "tell all" about myself.

Not wanting also, if I do not tell "all" in real need, I risk not to be reimbursed. But of course, there are lots of important points in it, also I do not know which one did survive the discussions, the Senate and Congress and motions.

I still could not understand, all the people against it.

What I also learned looking at Obama's body language, a few days before and the moment after the vote, passed, is this. He had a very confident body language, walk and face, before "we'll win" and was very - how to say it, not victorious at all not showing off at all, after. But, in a few days, he seemed to me aged more then ten years.

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  1. I like the abacus picture - your granddaughter has arranged it nicely :)