Friday, March 26, 2010

They all won!

The Area Contest of the Toastmaster speech, yesterday was held at Croydon. Far away, not easy to parc the car, and lots of one way streets, even changed from last year. Rain.

It was worth it!

A great evening. Lot to think about.

And so great also that I could listen, judge, ponder, instead of speaking!

Ola, in first plan here, was the Mystery Speaker, from London's Tube Speaker, those working at the Underground. He told us a tale of the beast coming out of the cave - whenever something happening to us is somehow similar for another that touched us strongly.

Also good defence mechanism, it does deform, exaggerate, disturb the recent reality.He told us with a few stories, great examples and wonderful body language.

The winner of the Speech Contest was Dave Longley, speaking about the importance of good communication, and how much his whole life was affected by the absence of that, with his father.

The winner of the Evaluation Contest (they have to tell what they liked and recommendations for improvement on the Mystery speaker) was Vathani Navasothy, delivering it with lots of enthusiasm, encouragement and grace.

You can see it on the first row of my photo.

I learned a lot, took home a lot to ponder too, to reflect, from all the speakers, all winners because they spoke! As the Chair of the Contest, David Thomson told: they are three time winners: Once because they are Toastmasters, once because they won the contest in their clubs, and the third time, because they are here and speak at the Area 35 contest.

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