Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How an attitude can change

I went back to Cluj, for me always remaining with his Hungarian name, Kolozsvàr, a few years ago, after almost 40 or more years of absence.

Kolozsvàr is the town of my youth, my birth town too. It has universities, had them from 1200, and also a theatre, an opera-house, a merket, and a park.

The park of my children years did not change a lot.

I met Petru, a retired post office functionary, there. Sitting on a bench, alone.

May I? Yes, he told me, morose. And, as you see from the first image, instantly looking away from me. After telling a few things about myself and my trip, and him a bit about himself, he become more and more animated.

At the end, strangely, he told me a lot about how he thinks I am...
Petru, towards end of our discussion
Sometimes, the contact between two people is instantly there, other times it takes an hour of discussions. The important is, to be able to make the bridge, at the end.

Petru's four faces


  1. Hi Julie, I was browsing through some photo sites and ran across your name. I just had to follow the thread and see who you were because we share the same birth year. I reached the 70 year mark January 6th. I was excited to learn there was another "newbie" in the photo world that was as old as I was. Picked up your Twitter account too - this should be fun.

    Will keep in touch.

  2. Dear Cynthia, are you 70 or 75 going to 76 as me? I think you are a young one! But yes, I begun photography not so long ago, also now, it does seem "very long" almost 7 years!