Thursday, March 4, 2010

Queen Elisabeth Hospital

First visit to an British Hospital.

In the last 20 month, I did not need it, but now, they had to take blood from me for a test. I was stunned!

First, it is so huge, there are two bus stations from one entrance to the other. Second I was the 239th! Any-time my tour will arrive?

Not more then an hour! I was told.

One more hour, without eating?

Looking at the crowd waiting, I was sceptic about the hour, too.
Queen Elisabeth Hospital-1

But when my number was called in room number three, from the eight, in a few seconds and without the pain I feared, to receptacles were full of the required blood. Thank you!

Now, wait for the bus, buy some fruits and bred near home, I arrived back near noon. Tired. Full of adventures that, now, I could see as "interesting".

And near home, just stop, and take photo of some of the multitude of wonderful flowers.
Spring 2010 Mars in  London-10 (2)
Yes, take time to smell the roses! And, before, to look to what is around us - so many great are.

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