Thursday, March 18, 2010

And the winner is - Simon

We were three speakers, Philip, Simon and me, and six to evaluate. Both contest were won by him, Simon.

He spoke how much stress even a accomplished speaker, toastmaster can have, and about stress levels, and so on, telling us also examples from his life, from ten years on.

Philip took us to the streets of a taugh London city a friday night, and played the one with the bottle of beer, then himself as street pastor. He does stay most Fridays, now on the streets near pubs until one or two at morning, to help to speak to confort when needed.
Two  future Toastmasters
Future toastmasters, come to encourage us.

I learned to to change too much a speech that is almost "done" if I do not want to take out the zest from it, as I did last week also with my chicken in the owen. Raw first, overcooked at the end.

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