Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring in the courtyard

This wild iris, is already open, and I found it alone, and hidden almost near the end of the courtyard.

It was so far, I had to go nearer, because my camera could not catch it from the road. I stepped on dried leaves, to approach it and take a picture of it.

Fact and truth.

In fact, it is small, and far away and surounded by dry leaves and branches. Or is it the truth? Or its truth resides in its beauty.

I read today, that truth is more important, when we write fiction, or take photos or create art, then the "fact", but the fact and truth is, that there are many different facts and truth, and each time we "create" weather a story we write or tell, a photo we take and show, and so one, we choose that truth, we feel then.

The fact to show a small blue spot on a huge dry leaves image, is not "our reality" because our eyes see it better then the image can then depict it, and the truth of the flower's surrounding and its effect on us is distorted, when we go closer and take a close up from it.

Each way, we loose from the initial reaction or sentiment, we have to compromise, to choose. What we will convey?

When I take a portrait, nowadays, I try to take one from farther, the background included, then one zooming on the face. Sometimes, possible, but not always.

I learn a lot, learned already and will more, in photography, now, I have to have the same patience and learn in storytelling, too.

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  1. Beautiful :) And very interesting thoughts to go with the pretty flower! I hope you're enjoying the beginnings of spring.