Saturday, March 27, 2010


These flowers remind me of the one's I had in France in my garden. I bought them because my grand mother had them in her garden.

I do not remember a lot of my early childhood, but as I spend a month each year from 2 to 5 in my grandmother's garden, I do remember all the flowers from there. Not by name, but how they looked.

I am preparing a story about "Home".

What home means for you?

Part of "home" in my childhood was that garden, even if I did not spend so much time in it, but I did go back from 6 to 9 often, even if by that time we did live in the same city as her and went there for shorter time.


A place you feel comfortable, safe, loved ?

Home was never "house" to me, because we always lived in rented apartments, and it meant for long time also "home town" and friends.

Yes, were and until I felt "comfortable, safe and loved".

I do feel so now, here, even if I have not been more then 20 month!

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