Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Lewisham Speakers, a year ago

The firsts images, taken a year ago (more or less a few days), at Lewisham Speakers Toastmaster meeting.

I admired this speaker and his confidence in speaking, moving, gesticulating. I have even not given yet my Ice breaker, my first speech. And soon, I'll be, in two weeks, giving a speech for the International Speech Contest!

At the same club, of course, not on "higher" levels!

Preparing that speech, opened to me, as often a walk to memory line when preparing a new speech or story gives me, a whole new view to a part, more then a part of my life;

Not only that part, I wanted to speak about, when due to necessity, I had to change all in all my "carrier" my job, my profession, but also lead me to understand two important things.

First, even before having read that book, The Hidden Job market, about which I want to speak, the book that helped me, as others, understand more about all the skills I had, far broader then I did believe before, but also that before reading it, I already knew, that everyone works best when he or she finds the work more adopted to her or his own skills and job condition pleasures.

When I was chief of chemist lab, in north of France, that is what I found out and given to those working under my supervision. Each girl had the work she was the best to work in. And her best environment to do it.

I also found out, this morning, while pondering the speech, that in my childhood, I wanted to become a writer. Being obliged to change, from chemist, to business woman, company creator, buyer, seller, teacher, I not only distributed hardware and software related to Apple and Macintosh products, but also wrote a book.

Two books.

I closed somewhat the circle and found back the way to my childhood dream that came true.

All that, because, a day, someone, when I looked for a job in my usual work told me "You are too old. You are woman. You are not born here."

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