Thursday, April 1, 2010

Net vs blurred

All does not have to be net, on a photo or in our life.

Today, a new month begins, and a new theme in my photography Masterclass.

Net versus blurred.

We'll discuss, when it is important all to be net or blurred, some of it, and which part, and why and how to obtain it, too.

I am not very good from technical point of view, so I'll rely more on other's imput for that, but I did learn a few things here and there on the Flickrs divers groups, but mostly, in the Afterclass.

By blurring part of an image, the net part stands out, like above. Other times, we blur to show movement. Sometimes, to hide.

As in life.

But when we reveal some parts of us, profoundly inside us, others recognize it and we can connect a lot better then with a superficial smile or words.

Yesterday, we heard three interesting speeches, and it was not the best delivered that gained, but the one who revealed most about himself and his dad. Who dared to expose, to open to the listeners, viewers.

He was nervous, he stumbled, he looked once in his papers, drank water another time, stopped a third time. Yet, he was the one who touched us more profoundly.

He opened to us.


  1. There are two separate elements to a presentation: content and style. Excellent style can mask poor content, but excellent content transcends style.

  2. c'est si vrai: greatly expressed, yes!