Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I will never go sour, but I felt, after my skin was treated, my front with two stitches and burn traces and so on, that this song told some part of it. Somehow, I felt I was less alone with my problems.

I went to YouTube, to and back to YouTube, found nostalgia with Edith Piaf, Jonny Holliday and that song about the Indian Summer on a beach of San Francisco, sung by Dassin a few years back, when I was yet "before" so many things to come. I am now "after" also, if not love, other good things can still come my way even after 75 and my skin as it is now.

"What you want?" I was asked yesterday. I want to be able to tell some of my stories, to be listened. When I smile, the age, the skin, even the accent go away or a lot farther.

I published today on my French blog, some old or nostalgic videos, song in French. How much we do not do for love, true. Go away from friends, at least for the time. We do not betray them, but yes, we leave them for a while. At least, I did, not wanting often to hear the wise voice and advices when I was all in love!

But I heard them, and come back and thanked them, later, they did tell me even what I did not want to hear at the time.

It is not my best day today, but I do know, I will be up and creating a new story or speech, soon. I'll have to repeat also one about Faith I'll tell in a few days. In time, I did believe in many things and a few man too. But friends, they never betrayed me, they are there, they will be: I do not believe any more in everlasting love (or skin) but I do believe in friendship, humanity, warmth.


  1. I have been browsing your Paris pics. YOu do have an eye for people, don't you?

  2. Thanks, mostly I love people and they feel it