Friday, April 16, 2010

Life in London is interesting and varied!

Today I have shopped on line, and will be delivered Sunday noon.

I hope, I will not be disappointed with all I had ordered, because, again, I had really nothing at home, any more.

For two days, I eat frozen fish, which I did buy and it is not good, alas. Also, I popped corn that I bought one day long ago for my grand children. Popped corn as breakfast, instead of bred, is interesting... but only for two or three days.

I have also margarine, but no bread to put it on, and happily some more sterilized milk, too. Not much more. Soon...

As I go to the hospital today for a photography of my skin, I'll buy what I need for tonight and tomorrow, so be able to wait until Sunday.

Do you know this interesting instrument that I discovered in a park Christmas time in 2008 in London?

Some of the people passing were also very interested in it, last Friday when we passed near the London Bridge.

Different parts give different sounds. I recorded just a bit of it, as those I was with wanted to go farther. Sometimes, even a bit of video gives the little bit of "more".

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