Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue hour at Little Venice

I arrived at Little Venice, and the nearby Canal Cafe Theatre, towards seven. The last repetitions have already begun.

Women and men who told their personal story around "Home" as we were asked, looked the last time to their papers, went on the scene and down again.

Finally, seven thirty arrived.

I had enough medicine in me to be able to speak, and breath, but at before the beginning the deep breathing was really important, my heart beet strongly ,

The theatre was so full that we could not sit at the back as usual, but they put up some chairs for us on the side.

I was the 4th to tell my story.

this is the version recorded at the theatre yesterday evening, with my small dictaphone, I'll put their professionally recorded version here as soon as I get it.

After it finished, we were seven in all, many come to me telling me how much they liked my story and the way I told it.

I was even told, some cried during the speech.

I did hear also some laugh here and there, so I gave also some humorous parts, to relax people.

I got very good feedback. The most important is was someone telling me: "It felt so near, as if have had happened - when you told us. I have seen it before my eyes, heard it as if it was happening."

The war cought up with me when.mp3

It is ten minutes, with the piano, played at the beginning, and some pauses between the scenes. Alas, I can not put here my movements, which I think counted also quite a lot in the telling.

I came hope, satisfied that I told this tale in London and it was really well received. "There was no problem to understand you," they told me when I asked.

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