Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Heathrough Airport Terminal in the evening

I do not know if they are still lighted like this when no one is arriving or going.

What is good from all that days of waiting, staying, worry for all those who could not have their flight and had to wait?

I did wait only a few hours late evening, at the Madrid airport, to know the fatigue, anxiety and all that comes with it.

Yes, sometimes, it can make new friends, as everyone speaks more easy with each other, but in my case it made me loose one. We did not have the same view on how one behaves in troubled times.

I am mourning the friendship but do not regret my behaviour, that I learned in the war time, also in the years following them. Today, still too near to speak about all that, but yes, we have to make new friends and yes we have to make what we can to obtain our way out.

I am not for waiting and waiting, and waiting, without any action.

I admire those who took train and air plains, and buses and cars, and got nearer and nearer their destination, and at the end, later on would be able to recount it as an interesting adventure.

Some lessons will be learned.

About to read the small letters of insurance, about the unfriendliness of some states and warmth of some unknown people, about the fragility of planes automatic systems, and the fight with the nature.

Yes, there will be some silver linings too.

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