Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beach boy by Manimum

I think, this boy arrives to London this closed sky morning, directly from Malasya's island.

I am in a group "The world through your eyes" where you can add one picture in a day, the only thing they ask you is to comment on a picture at the same time, anyone you like.

I did comment on this one.

So many wonderful photographers did I find after I send one of mine's to the group and went there to looking for one I like and comment one.

Not many I blogged also, this appeals to me specially this morning. Thanks for the photographer (teacher) who did allow to blog the image, of course on a click on it, you can go discover her other images.

Today, I have two stiches on my front from yesterday, but it does not hurt, no probem, it will go away, and in a week they will be taken away. Yesterday, I came home a bit tired, after the intervention under local anestezis, but all is behind me now.

Blue skies, clear see is looking to me from somewhare far away, and soon the sun will come up in London too.

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  1. So, what were the stitches for, Julie? I hope you are OK?