Thursday, April 15, 2010

The clouds count

The sky is there, up and far, and most of the time it does not matter, unless our "heads are in the clouds".

Most of the time we walk with "our feet on the ground."

But small clouds can be beautiful and make for a great weather, let the sun shine through, give us more light. When the sky is all covered, we do not see any clouds at all, and expect no sun either. When the sky is all blue and no clouds at all, we suspect something is fishy.

Never the life goes on for long, without at least a bit of clouds in the uniformity of blue sky. The English say "there is a silver lining behind the clouds" meaning, something good will come after the sorrow or big problems.

To what good the volcanic ash cloud coming from Iceland may lead? I do not know that when it happens, we see only the problems it causes.

I opened this morning at 7 my television at the news "all airports closed, no planes go up the air" in Scotland, first, then Gatwick airport too, and so on. Isabelle and her daughter, in visit in London were due to take the plane today, there is a direct fly from London to Lyon, near where they live.

Who knows, for the moment, to what it is good?

To be a little bit more with her mother? To look at the great photos she took of London?

The first time in her life in London and she went and visited so many places, used her few days here in full. She will not be able to visit any more place waiting to see when she can go back, but, yes, my grand great-mother was right "something good will come from it".

Even if we do not know for the moment, what.

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  1. I love your optimism... let's hope the good outweighs the bad :)