Monday, April 12, 2010

Listening to Covent Garden music

There is also someone singing or playing music in this side of Covent GArden restaurant, down. But from all around up, we can listen all!

This is one of the couples listening.

I loved his hat and how seriously she was absorbed and enjoyed the music. I did like it also a lot.

Alas, it came to me with a bit of noise, but I recorded it and give it to you here to see how much they did, not only playing music!

What an energy!

After walking from Trafalgar Square to Chinatown, from there to Covent Garden then, looking for an underground station to go to London Bridge, I was exhausted.

As this gentelemnt, resting in the park where every bench reminded of a departed one.
Almost like Lincoln
Quite a difference!

But his face looks so full of character, he must knowx what he likes to do or not for sure!


  1. What wonderful pictures! I used to love the buskers in the old Covent Garden market. I think they must have been students from on of the local colleges, since they were so good.

    Your portrait of the sleeping man is fantastic.

  2. Sorry, my english is so bad, Julie...Then...
    J'adore ces musiciens, qui ne se prennent pas au sérieux, qui donnent envie de s'arrêter là à les écouter et surtout de les voir donner tout ce qu'ils ont dans leurs tripes pour transmettre.
    Pas sur qu'un Mozart fut aussi austère que sont souvent les musiciens des grands orchestres actuels qui interprètent ses oeuvres.