Friday, April 30, 2010

My bag with one tea bag in it

Last Wednesday, we went to center of London looking to buy good English tea.

Before that day, I was convinced, that you can buy English tea anywhere, you do not have to go out of your way, out of where you live for it!

But the mother of my daughter in law, after having spend a week in our part of London, a bit far from the centre, with the grand children, wanted to buy tea for her neighbors in a North France village, in a special place.

We where heading towards Victoria Station and its surrounding, but finally I decided to take the heritage bus. The controller from that bus suggested me to go and buy tea at the special shop, open in 1707, the Fortnum & Mason, at a corner of the Regent Street.

What a marvelous place to visit!

Not only we got out with great tea, Bernadette did buy lots of different one's, I just the Qeen's choice tea, yes, a great choice, too, but as we had the right to take photos of everything, we visited and did so in the four different levels. Each, has different offering, and even if one does not buy they do welcome you any place.

That is a place to go back and of course, how could you go out without at least a bag of tea?1

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