Friday, April 9, 2010

Blurred or sharp?

Both blurred and sharp has it use, in photography, as has of course the technique to show just part of the image sharp and the rest blurred.

This one is me, quite happy after my performance, the next morning; The original image was to sober and dark, so I lightened it and blurred it, and I quite like want it shows.

Of course, it is a very idealized self, but a portrait has the right, sometimes, to be.

On a complete other side, I took the same time images of my three branches, but there were not the flowers that come out interesting this time, but the leaves of one of them.

This is sharp and textured and has an interesting geometry, symmetry too!
Trois branches nouvelles-9dVd
Plus it speaks to me, reminding me, there are not always those who stand out who are the most interesting!!


  1. Interesting photo shoot. And yes, the last item was of interest too.

  2. Nice leaf picture. Nice one of you too.