Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dawn on open skies

After a week when I could not walk, I had trouble walking, I can again. Miracle! What delight.

It is after we can not do something that was normal before, that we realize its importance, lots of pleasure found to do it.again

Today, I will go to London, accompanying another tourist. During the last week, she was Grandma who arrived from France, the last day before her departure, on train, and the children in school, we can finally visit London's centre.

And my feet are well for that, again.

After a week of crisis in aviation, traffic begun last night all over Europe and in the UK too they decided: the planes could fly again.

Isabelle could not take her fly a week ago, she finally managed to take the train two days later. 17h instead of three hours. My son, was due back on Monday morning, I hope that on Thursday he will be with us, finally.

It seemed so normal to fly, now we will think differently. Also, we will not forget we can do it differently too.

Long time ago, people did travel, but travelling was serious, took weeks, months before returning. It was not "tourist" travel, for a few days, but "traveller's" with all the risk and investment that entailed.

After all who had to sleep on the airports or were confined to their rooms in Moscow for lack of passport and harsh laws, will return with lots of stories and new views on the world, on the goodness of people, the wickedness of others abuse, bureaucrats or less liberal countries, they, and we also will see differently travel, aircraft, transportation.

As I see differently, at least for some time, just the joy of being able to walk. Not something "normal" but something special.

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