Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Internet's impact

Yesterday, the election in UK have officially begun. 

Very interesting speeches, from a point of view of someone learning public speeches!

I listened at them on the TV, then found them back on the web and added a link to them to my Competent Communicator blog.  I also send the link to my Facebook page. I did not, yet, find a way to embed them here or there, but will do! 

On the television, after the second speech, a TV commentator said: "the Internet will not be important for the elections, not really, only the Television and the Newspapers.

I know different.

You know different.

Obama knows different.

I found this morning a video, here it is, on The Raisin Chronicles, "No you can't" - very effective communication video. 

While one is saying No! all the other people say Yes. 
Looking at it, I learned from it. Go to see what else she said in her blog, too! And also her other notes.

Then, I stumbled on another video, Obama's humorous speech after his first 100 days.

Barack Obama  is a firm believer of using Internet, and all modern communication devices for sending his message directly to as many as possible. 

He has a account and publishes images, and uses all social networks available nowadays to get across his points. Why should not us do so also? Why should not UK politicians do it too? The people, ordinary people, no teli  journalists or newspaper journalists only, will have more and more say and spread wider and wider the news!

Our voice will be heard more and more and count.

Yes, it will do!

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  1. Politicians need to communicate, and the internet is a powerful communications medium. Of course it will matter.