Wednesday, April 1, 2009

CRC from Toastmasters Evaluation

I was one of the Evaluators tonight, at the Toastmaster meeting, my role was to tell my opinion about the technique of speech of one of the new speakers, so I encourage and give also food for improvement.

In the Toastmaster's (TM) jargon, this is done by CRC.

What is CRC???

CRC is a jargon for Commendations, Recommendations, Commendations, meaning to sandwich the positive and constructive critique, between prise and encouragement, to build confidence at the same time teach and give ideas of improvement.

I lived the idea, even if tact is not my force, but did not like the jargon. Plus, I did know the word PRAISE but this is the first time I heard "commendation" which seemed to me precious.

I survived well, first of all because it was a marvelous speech I had to tell my opinion of, interesting, well delivered, a great example of first great speech, but I think it would have been good even for the 5th or 6th speech!

I got again people laughing, and I have to admit I so enjoy when they do so. And of course, I got critiqued at my tour for my evaluation: good speech, humor, well delivered, but the end not strong enough. That was the problem with my last speech too: as soon as I see the light signaling I arrive towards the end of my delivery, I loose my insurance and finish to fast and not strong enough: something to work on!

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