Monday, April 13, 2009

Westminster Bridge

This lion is on the other side of the bridge, as I got down Friday from the bus there, just for the pleasure to traverse that bridge.

Alas, it begun to rain as I was in the middle.

Still, I got to take some shots of the panorama around and of the river. As the sky was closed, it could have given me an excellent shot without too much contrasts but the rain did act as it was mist.

Finally, cutting out just part of a picture, I think I did get some of what I have seen and admired, even if the reality is a lot more impressive and interesting.
Panorama urbaine Londres v toile
It comes out as a panorama, and it is better in bigger size, but at least it gives here even like this the impression of the view.

Tomorrow an interesting and difficult day: my first speech of ToastMaster at the Meridian Speakers club of Greenwich: about my nose. I hope, it will sound funny and it will help people realize that we are ok as we are, all of us.

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