Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth day : Sony then Canon

I went out to celebrate nature at Earth day, and thinking at the special place I live, near the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, from wich it was decided once that the time ZERO will be measured.

Paris, is +1 and Bucarest +2, Washington -5, they all have the hours relative to the Greenwich time!

I went out with two cameras: my tiny old Sony that I did like a lot, and this image was taken by it, I have shoot 300 yesterday with the Sony. First, because I am used to it and I know it well, even if I do not use all that it could give, and then, at the end, because the Canon had no more memory left in the card I found home, an old, small card.

After the discovery of a great tulip's bed, where I tried but could not really show its magnificence as I have sensed it, to red, to bright, too... but I did try, and that is also why I shoot so many of them.

Then I went to the Royal observatory and took the building shining in the sun falling on it, before beginning to socialize with German young girls, taking photos of each other, and of them in group, or alone. Toward the end, even the boys asked me to take them and even, pose with them.

After a familly from India, a lady from China, a worker in the park, I arrived to an alley that hold my breath.

Old trees, one after the other at left, bizarre arms in every direction showing the age, no leafs at all on them. Yet or forever? On the right, all the trees spoke of renewal and early spring, closed in magnificent leaves shining in the morning sun.

I tried with my Sony and then remembered the Canon, took it out. Here are some of the images I took there. They tell a story, I think. At least to me, they did and still do.

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