Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Eastern eggs

I did not colors my eggs for Eastern and did not hide them: my grand-children went to the other grand-mother and they go find eggs in her garden.

And this photo does not dates for this year either, but two years back.

Eastern eggs in Bucarest
I love it more then the multicolored eggs from Romania, and the great chocolat displays in London. Or the lamb eaten in Transylvania.

Perhaps even here.

I found funny that the UK Premier Minister's wife did not eat veal in France as guest, does she eat lamb in London? When I was child day by day I went through the market to school, trying not to look at the bodies of the lambs with their bloody heads down.

I do not like lamb:

But I do not refuse to eat it when someone invites me to her table.


  1. What lovely eggs. The colors are so rich they're almost jewel-like.

  2. They are stunning colours! I've painted eggs, as a child, but never dyed them like that. Happy Easter! :)