Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Still working!

I met her at the Salisbury supermarket working as cashier, and admired her to be still working and with a great smile too.

"Me old? No! I am only 70." she told me. "How old are you? When you stopped working?"

I will be soon 75, but in real, I do not "work" for someone else from age sixty. I never stopped working, doing, being active. First, by writing and taking care of my husband, just out of hospital then, later copying my diaries from ten to 60 into computer, translating, correcting, making them known. Later photographing, blogging. Day by day. Being there.

Of course, one is not old at 70, all is what one feels and shows to others too. The wrinkles do not make someone old, but the comportment may.

Here is what another nice lady wrote under this image at flickr:
"She is as courageous as you are Julie! Because you both decided to continuing exploring life... every day at every age! I admire you two a lot!

She is soo right, "continuing exploring life" that it is that one should never stop if we want to remain "young".

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