Saturday, April 18, 2009

Too much choice!

Too much is as difficult to handle as not enough.

As I arrived to London in July, I discovered the thousands of different Meetup groups, and attended the Artists Way and Photo Groups; then the ToastMasters International that gives me possibility to refresh my public speaking skills and tell my stories in public, then the London Independent Photographers and the University of Third Age.

And it keeps coming!

All are interesting and have lots of possibilities of meeting and action, but how to choose?

The Artists Way Mondays at the Royal Festival Hall finished after six interesting month, today I will go to take photos in a studio near Algate East with models, a new experience. Last week I did speak in Greenwich and tomorrow we go to a photo walk towards Dartmoth. 

The weather will be, I hope, with us.

This morning finally I found how to combine all my activities and experience for a new activity in the U3A: make a group that is learning through doing. Making a blog, taking photos for it, writing a story about a walk or another group, putting it all together and in the blog we create for it. Try each day add to it, perhaps each doing it in some specific day of the week but also together using each others strength to create an interesting blog journal.

The idea is there, it took some time to grow and emerge, but I think it will work out. It is not sitting all near a computer and learning how to upload or access, it is doing each a part of the job and later each on different days perhaps.

Instead of choosing photo walks or creative writing or teaching blog publishing on web, one can  indeed combine all in one general and, I think useful activity!

Thinking about too much choice helped me to find an issue.

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  1. London sounds like a marvelous place to grow older!