Saturday, April 11, 2009

When you got a lemon

When you got a lemon, make a lemonade! The best from a situation you got.

Yesterday's rain got me this image with shining humid feeling. I love it! Beside that was the street signaling me "the river is not far from here, and leading me slowly towards the people making canoes.

In all weather, almost all, one can use it and show it or do the most possible with what one has. Most of the time, even if not for this image, I went a bit under a door so my camera not gets wet, as I did not bring my umbrella, too optimist, hoping the sun will come out.

Worst was that I did not get dressed warm enough and as the hours got farther, I begun to feel the cold. That is a difficult time of the year to decide what to take when one goes to "faraway places" like was Richmond, all West London from my all East place. But I got home, determined to take at least a pullover with me next time, and with hundred images!

Here are 30 of them in a slide-show: "Richmond impressions" I could have called them also Richmand in rain...

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  1. Your pictures are amazing. I almost feel like I'm walking the rain-slicked streets of Richmond, instead of sitting here in the middle of the US, in a town that's starting to look like we may be in for a drought this year....