Saturday, April 25, 2009

Greenwich Deptford with Rachel

From Painted Hall to the Greenwich Market, and then Deptford High street, we spend a few great hours together.

We met this lady in red, who come to London from America, USA, but is of diverse, interesting origin, and had a few nice minutes speaking with her. Then went to the train café who does great black café and also discovered a real fleet market behind the Hight Street.

Nevertheless, the best portraits I took at the market which was just preparing at the time, before ten o'clock, we arrived.

This is an assertive lady and when I told her I do love assertive women (yes, she was assertive and not aggressive) we become pals, and chatted for a while, and finally she let me take photos of her, not only her greatly arranged stand. With the presence of Rachel, she made my day by this fast photo:
Greenwich market with Rachel-5

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