Thursday, April 2, 2009

People love being noticed

Early in 2005 I discovered the photos taken all over the world far away places by Babasteve, from flickr, and that is when I decided "me too, I'll take unknown people around me".

I did like the contact already and the sensation of togetherness for the instant acknowledgment of each other, that offered me and continue to do so. A mutual joy.

Connivence entre femmes, Paris 5e
In Paris, along the Mufatlar market, where I admired her hairdo.
In a small market of Morocco
Or a tiny village market in Morocco, the contact was there too.
Joy of life 4
Or with this youngster in Trafalgar Square, he was also, and I think one can see from his expression too, happy to have been remarked, appreciated.

As I was with the look in their eyes towards me. That is one important interactions too, the one between the photographer and the other human being we meet. Perhaps, it can last more, perhaps, all is only through eyes and body language, but it is a special wonderful, and I think more and more, a mutual feeling too.


  1. I do like your idea here. People met along the way, that otherwise might become a lost memory.

    Cannot see your 3rd picture, Trafalgar Square, by the way.

  2. Oops, now I see it (upon reloading your blog). The smiling teen was playing hide and seek. He definately has hair to notice!