Friday, April 24, 2009

Photographing each other

Colleague photographers between each other, the Earth day, near the Royal Observatory of Greenwich, and the age difference was forgotten as well the country of origin.

Those girls arrived from Germany, I arrived from... where? Hungary, Romania, France or England?

I live now in London, I did live in Paris, and in different places before. They were also very happy at the end, when I told them "Gute Tage", that much 'Good day' I know in German.

Earth day in Greenwich parc B-45The contact with the boys was more difficult at the beginning, at the end even, but in the middle they wanted to pose and they even wanted to pose with me. Why not?

Today, I met Rachel and we went together to Greenwich market, the Painted Hall and Deptford High Street. I discovered some things I have seen but not looked enough the other times, and we even had a "real" fleet market there today and great café with scone at the Train Café place on Hight Street.

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