Saturday, April 4, 2009

Flowers and peace

This morning, I took some photos of the flowers along the road, and also just before my entrance.

Most of them I knew already, but such an abundance!

Of course, as I am not a specialist of flower photography.

I take four or five times as much as come out well, but some of them, some angles or arrangements are not so bad after all.
Home, listening to the television, I was touched a lot, even more after the crossing of the river between Germany and France, and remembering all the after fighting of the World war two.

Remembering what we suffered, our family, how many died or was dispersed all over the world, and how alone I felt after, we, my father, mother and me, arrived finally home after a year of fleeing and hiding.

For me the 60 year's ceremony transmitted did signify something.

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