Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Same but different

One flower is not more beautiful then the other: just different. Each one, as every one of our dreams has its own charm.

After delivering my speech at the Meridian Speakers in Greenwich, about 30 people attending, and having enjoyed my story of the years between 25 and 45 of my life, I realized the most important was that after 20 years I got what was taken from me when young;

I got a diploma, I got to work at a research Institute and men liked me.

After having achieved it, somehow it lost its power on me and from then on, I could change my life again. In the years after I returned to France, opened a new company, forget my diploma, begin to be a distributor of microcomputer products, adds-on to Apple and Macinstosh, the firsts PC's. Lived an interesting and different life that I could not have dreamed, nor guessed before.

Speaking about some of my former ups and down yesterday, was enjoyable, I got the audience, I made them wonder and laugh too, but even more, let me understand more about my own life and motivations.

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