Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost in Lewisham

A very long street, but nowhere did I find the place for the Lewisham Toast master's meeting.

Going out of my door at six I arrived finally home after eight, after walking and walking and not finding the usual street and building. Finally, through a park, which I did believe at the beginning to lead me near there, I found myself in Lewisham center!

Is that a sign that it is better to let that group be and not let myself be put aside at the same time as others rise with speed and are allowed to speak three times probably before I could even do it for the first time?

I was never someone jealous, so I wish all the good to those rising, but nor do I like to be put apart "no place to speak" and then see there is space, repeatedly, but not for me.

Yesterday, I did want to participate, I did spend two hours looking, try to find. As I was sure I'll find, it was a big surprise to have lost my way, because of the bus put me down, probably too late. I would have a car in working order, it would have been different, would it?

At least I have seen towards the end a small park with a huge tree in the middle and then, in the street, a weeping willow. I do love those, they bring me great memories of my youth.


  1. I'm sorry you didn't manage to find the meeting; I hope you had an enjoyable walk anyway.

    I should be in London next Friday, free after about 4pm, if you would like to meet up? I could take the tube anywhere.