Thursday, October 29, 2009

Automn leaves

My mother used to love the fall leaves, and when I was young, around 20 years old, I did not understand why she was enchanted to walk in a forest surrounded by them.

Now, I do, I do!

Those leaves not only enchant me with their varied warm colours, but somehow remind me, myself. I still have a few hours, a few days, a few years left, then, I'll fall like these leaves.

But meanwhile, rain or wind, I remain firmly there and profit from what the sun and the trunk and the branches can give me, not thinking what will happen later when I'll be on the ground. Or later.

All those warm colours around me!

They seem to me somehow like the warm smiles of people looking at me, encouraging me. Giving me hope.


  1. I love all the colours... but I find that you can't look (or photograph) too closely or you see the decay of each leaf instead of the magic.

  2. Dear Rachel, the decay can also speak, tell something, and its has, often also magic colors, "the last minutes" as the ones I still feel I have.