Wednesday, October 7, 2009

London Canal stroll

That was more then a year ago, and the light was just right for great reflections.

I strolled with my camera along the Canal, without aim, discovering a new aspect of London. I did not imagine, a year later, I will be able to tell a story about how I arrived and what I did from then on, just a year later, in a Cafe Theatre near the canal, in 13 month!

I would not have believed it if someone told me then.

It is great to have flickr where people can find some of your old photos and put them in their gallery, like it happened yesterday with this one. It brings back so many memories!

Also it mesures, for me, all that happened from then on, and also how I felt that time. Each time has its own enjoyments.

I like to share, and sharing this picture, gives me today a new view of it and all the period: I was not yet, as I remember, even in my appartment then and that day, I got a call: "you got it", as I remember. Yes, I looked it up, it was August 2008. I moved in, a week later here. It was a great walk along the Canal a month after I got in London!

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