Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Now or never at Canal Cafe Theatre

Yesterday, the seven personal stories were a success at the theatre, with 60 persons it was full, and they do enjoy it.

I was the second to tell my story and the only one who did not read it, just told it. Finally, I had no problem with the lights coming to me and the audience in dark, I did look at them as if I have seen them and "owned the stage" too. Used props, a chair at the beginning, my small camera and a photo of me at age five.

Got a few laughters, also it was not a funny story, and a huge spontaneous long applause at the end. It was a great joy, only 15 month after my arrival to London to be able to give a live spectacle in English!

My English, of course, but they told me they did understand everything. Here is the beginning...

Now or never Beginning.mp3
I did not post yet the middle, also it can be listened to at the Box.net, but the end is in my photoblog already.

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