Thursday, October 1, 2009

Telling a story

Storytelling is very important, "I was already convinced" some wrote me. Wonderful! For me it is almost a new great discovery.

Monday, I will tell the story of my last change of life, from Paris to London, from the different Meetup Groups to Public speaking. If any of you can come to the theater near Little Venice, the public personal storytelling event organised by Spark, welcome.

Those who can not, I'll put here, Tuesday, the text of my story - but it is not the same thing: perhaps, I'll just add the sounds (without video) I will register at the delivery or, at rehearsal.

After that, I go to Farnham, to assist to a Storytelling workshop, where we will be guided to tell a story, better. When I do believe in something, I do put all I can into it.

I do hope, it will help me, at long, to write also better stories.

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