Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dracula was born in Chelsea!

Some, lots of people in fact think even today, that Count Dracula was born and lived in Transylvania.

Oh, no.

I was born there, and I did live there until I was 15, but Dracula was born in London, in Bram Stoker's Chelsea house.

He wrote it sometimes towards end of 1890th but so well that even today, more then hudred years after, it is believed.

Transylvania? Ah, the country of Dracula! people tells me.

The fact that Dracula never existed does not signify, no one believes me anyway, so I no longer try to explain it. Legends live on, take a life of their own.

Drakula's author London's cornerDrakula was born in London!
Here are "us" Simon and me, photographing each other before his house. Not Dracula's also more so then the castle they show now in Transylvania as "this is Dracula castle", that means selling items that can be shown "home" after returning. Truth of course is told inside the castle: it was one of an Austrian Hungarian princess.

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