Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cake Shop and Cake Decorators

Yes, I have been to Exeter College, and I'll show it tomorrow, but the pictures are already in a set on Flickr. But first, I would like to speak about the great adventure I had in Oxford's covert market: The Cake Shop were one can see the women who decorate those wonderful cakes!

As I see, each is different and each is a work of art in itself!

Here are the hands of one of those miracle workers:

The Cake shop Oxford  Mains

And a slide show of others and some of their decorated cakes.

I had so many different adventures in Oxford, while strolling through it with Simon for a few hours! People met, music heard, students and profs comming out for lunch, the mood, the bicycles, the market, the Exeter College, the Boldonian library (even if we did not get inside this time), a lot more then I expected and also different.

I have been to Oxford only in summer, without students, quiet, magestic, all different, now it was all life, another wonder. I'll have to go back, soon!

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  1. I've always loved the covered market, too. I was helping the Brownies to decorate their Christmas cakes last week, but I haven't done mine yet.