Monday, October 26, 2009

Oxford cycles

It seemed to me, everyone in London cycles, and so finally, I begun to "pan" try to follow them. As the sky become darker, it was more easy to do so, and I got some pictures I am happy with.

For the panning to work, it has to be at certain light, not too big, so you can blur the background while you try to follow the byke, car or, sometime jogger, speeding from where they come to where they go and find just the right moment to click without stopping the mouvement of following them.

I learned about it, when we studied movement, in 2005 July in Afterclass, one "panning" specialist explained to me. From then on, I tried my hand on it, without a lot of success. Or, if I had, it was more chance then knowledge.

I felt, in Oxford, all came together.

Light, direction, the bikes, their number, the camera, and perhaps, finally, on long range I did learn something.

Oxford trip_0461
This is perhaps my prefered one, but all those others... make up the "idea of Oxford" I remain with.

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