Monday, October 5, 2009

Preparing for tonight

Preparing for tonight, I was helped by Stark's founder Johanna, and also by one of my Toastmasters mentor Dave and by Philip, the president of our Lewisham Club. I did not realise someone can not have heard about Toastmasters clubs!

That means to know to whom you address!

"The toastmasters brings us the speaker from us in a supportive environment." Yes! I'll put that at the begining, because they did help me at age 45 to have my second chance, indeed!

And at the end, I'll add something more.

A bit afraid of the strong lights on me and the dark in the audience, but one more thing to get used to. Listening to the young woman afraid to tell her tale even in the repetition, even to read what was written, I realized even more how long way I made from my first Table Topics, where I was trembling like her.

Here, some images from yesterday, I'll add tomorrow, more.

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