Sunday, October 4, 2009

To Little Venice & back

I had to wait for twenty minutes in the Station until the train arrived - that was my luck!

She was so interesting, this young woman all in black lace.

What a beauty and beautiful smile, too!

Not only did we speak to each other very well, for the twenty minutes, but she had also time to read my text!

The text, I spoke later at the café theâtre near Little Venice, without problem, without looking. And my voice went well all to the end of the room, my accent was not so bad as not to be understood, so all went well. Tomorrow, the "real" thing, with spectators.

I listened to three other personal tales, different, interesting, funny, and one girl's hesitations, but I am sure she'll be great tomorrow. She has such graceful movements and smile!

In all we will be seven to tell a personal story with the title "now or never" at 7:30pm. Some slight modifications, to my text, and I am ready for tomorrow.
To Little Venice & back-206
Canal café theatre, were we will be tomorrow, with this two who are so funny and tell so well their stories!

And yes, I love to speak in public, tell personal tales, and be there up, even with the light on me.

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