Friday, October 9, 2009

Train for me tomorrow

Yesterday, I could hardly move, and today I woke up hurting, even with two pain killers taken just a few hours ago.

I should have taken the provision I did buy, in small bags, one by one, up the stairs to the second floor where I live.

I was so happy Monday, that I forgot the most elementary precautions that I knew before. Yes, I live in a bright, light, quiet apartment, but on the second floor without elevator. Yes, I am young in spirit, but my body does not follow always the same schedule as my mind does.

And, anyway, were was my mind when I told myself "I can do it" - meaning not telling a story in a theatre in London, but coming up with two heavy bags from the supermarket!

Will I never learn?

My good friend, Stephania, told me once when I told her "everything is so great!" take care, if you feel too much in the clouds! She was alas right then, and she is telling me the same from the heaven were she should be, if I did believe in heaven. She did.

Anyway, tomorrow, no car for me, and if I can travel with train, if I can go down the stairs here tomorrow, with absolutely nothing in my hands of course, it will already be wonderful.

Of course, all the problems an old woman could have, as hurting my back like yesterday, was not in the speech, where "all finishes well" as in any good tale.

Now or never, end.mp3

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